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Good Food Society

the manifesto

We remember authenticity

The culinary experience is the manifestation of a tacitly narrated world. Stories of life, places, childhood and old age, love, growth and overcoming. True stories. True ingredients. Authentic preparations in their construction, which respect the great history of the past and the many and individual histories of the present.

Good Food Society

GOOD FOOD SOCIETY is a multi-experiential container, based on the main iconic traditions of Italian cuisine and collects the projects: Cacio & Pepe Day, Dinner and Mixology Experiences, Cooking Class.

Based on the values of authenticity, unexpected originality and courage, GOOD FOOD SOCIETY aims to continuously and systematically achieve some fundamental objectives such as:

  • Spread the culinary art;
  • Support the marketing of Italian products of excellence;
  • Support the culture of Italian cuisine in the world;
  • Propose learning experiences in the Food & Mixology field both online and in person;
  • Promote Food Innovation;
  • Search for Sustainability.