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Kindness in conviviality

We live our lives together, literally, and we do it around a table laid for eating. Sociality is built on tastes that remind us of the world we come from or the world in which we live.

Event overview

Cacio & Pepe Day is an experience conceived by Antonella Bondi and belongs to the Fine Food Society project:
– offering concrete support for the tourism, food, wine and hospitality industries of the “Bel Paese”, the producers, the restaurants , the chefs
– promoting Italian cuisine abroad.

Cacio & Pepe is a historical pasta dish that perfectly represents the very idea of Italianità, especially outside Italy.  It is therefore an ideal medium for the promotion of Italian cuisine and culture around the world

It is an instrument that enables ideas and values to be shared with other countries, a wide ranging project that spans different cultural fields: Italian tradition, culture and lifestyle are revealed through one of the most powerful means of bringing people together, food.

The first Cacio & Pepe Day took place successfully 20 & 21 November 2021 in Milan, Rome and Tokyo

The event was not only a celebration of this most iconic dish of Italian cuisine and living well.

It represented the launch of a wider cultural and gastronomic initiative, through which Italy shows itself to the world, its style and identity, all with the theme of sustainability.

Cacio & Pepe Day  reaffirms Italy’s vocation for sharing and conviviality, driven by the spirit that deeply unites the Italian people and highlights their innovations through history, tradition and creativity.