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Kindness in conviviality

We live our lives together, literally, and we do it around a table laid for eating. Sociality is built on tastes that remind us of the world we come from or the world in which we live.

Event overview

Cacio & Pepe Day is an experience conceived by Antonella Bondi and belongs to the Fine Food Society project:
– offering concrete support for the tourism, food, wine and hospitality industries of the “Bel Paese”, the producers, the restaurants , the chefs
– promoting Italian cuisine abroad.

Cacio & Pepe is a historical pasta dish that perfectly represents the very idea of Italianità, especially outside Italy.  It is therefore an ideal medium for the promotion of Italian cuisine and culture around the world

It is an instrument that enables ideas and values to be shared with other countries, a wide ranging project that spans different cultural fields: Italian tradition, culture and lifestyle are revealed through one of the most powerful means of bringing people together, food.

The first Cacio & Pepe Day took place successfully 20 & 21 November 2021 in Milan, Rome and Tokyo

The event was not only a celebration of this most iconic dish of Italian cuisine and living well.

It represented the launch of a wider cultural and gastronomic initiative, through which Italy shows itself to the world, its style and identity, all with the theme of sustainability.

Cacio & Pepe Day  reaffirms Italy’s vocation for sharing and conviviality, driven by the spirit that deeply unites the Italian people and highlights their innovations through history, tradition and creativity.

November 14th 2022 in Milan at 10.00 am

Milan Triennale

Cacio & Pepe Day Symposium
presented by Pierluigi Pardo

+ Cacio & Pepe Sounds Ritual curated by Charles Spence (University of Oxford – Gastrophysics – Nobel Prize)
Carlo di Cristo (University of Sannio – Biology)
Antonella Bondi (Olfactory Design and Food Innovation)


Charles Spence – Multisensory Experiences
Massimo Montanari – La Forma è Sostanza
Storie&Cultura dell’ Alimentazione
Paolo Crepet – Intelligenza Olfattiva e Gustativa
Psichiatra e Scrittore, Sociologo, Educatore ed Opinionista
Carlo Di Cristo – La Lievitazione e il “Pane Cafone”
Annamaria Testa –Raccontare un gusto, uno stile, un paese
Antonio D’Angelo – L’Eleganza e la Semplicità
Maddalena Fossati – Direttore La Cucina Italiana
Marco Pedrali – Cacio & Pepe, communications
Roberta Tagliavini – Owner of the Gallery RobertaeBasta
Giorgetto Giugiaro– designer

Antonella Bondi – Founder C&P Day e Architect – Laura Pagani Cesa – Milena Polidoro
Errico Maria Cecchetti –Braianlabiulm.com
Vincenzo Russo – Scientific Director of the Neuromarketing Research Center
Emilio Mansi I’mpasta Technology sustainability
Yannick Alléno and Thomas Allèno and the extraordinary initiative in memory of “Antonie Alléno”
Camillo Caddeo Tecnologo leavener gluten-free
Stefano Guizzetti – Patron e scienziato-gelatiere di Ciacco Lab
Fabio Longhin – Il babà vegetale
Matteo Frattino – Direttore Marketing AEG
Matteo Casagrande Paladini – General manager Colline e Oltre (Banca Intesa San Paolo)



3 and 4 October 2022
Launch of the 1st Dinner Experience – Ristorante Armani Fifth Avenue (New York)
Chef Antonio D’Angelo (Accademia Gualtiero
Marchesi) e Carlo di Cristo (Lievitista I’mpasta Technology)
Food Pairing with Babà al Rum Zacapa by Fabio Longhin
October 4, 2022
Cooking Class Chef Giancarlo Morelli for press – Ristorante Morelli
Theme: Risotto al Cacio & Pepe
Dinner with Tasting Cacio & Pepe
Bombette with Rum Zacapa by Fabio Longhin
13 October 2022
Cooking Class Chef Priyan Wicky per la stampa – Wicky’sCuisine (Milano)
Theme: Piatto a sorpresa dello Chef
Dinner with Degustazione Cacio &Pepe
Cannoncini al Rum Zacapa di Fabio Longhin
27 October 2022
Cooking Class Chef Enrico Bartolini per la stampa e special guest – Ristorante
Anima (Milano)
Theme: Piatto a sorpresa dello Chef
Dinner with Degustazione Cacio & Pepe
Zeppole mignon al Rum Zacapa di Fabio Longhin
11 November 2022
Masterclass – IceCooking Maestro Gelatiere Gianfrancesco Cutelli per la stampa
– Gelateria De’ Coltelli (Pisa)
Theme: Come realizzare un gelato Cacio&Pepe con basso contenuto di zuccheri
14 November 2022
Dinner Chef Antonio D’Angelo – Ristorante Nobu (Milano)
Cannoli mignon al Rum Zacapa di Fabio Longhin

17 November 2022
Dinner Chef Renato Trabalza – Trattoria Sora Lella (Roma)
Tasting Maestro Gelatiere Gianfrancesco Cutelli – Gelateria De’ Coltelli
Food Pairing with Babà al Rum Zacapa di Fabio Longhin
26 November 2022
Cooking Class per la stampa
Theme: Piatto a Sorpresa dello Chef
Dinner Chef Giuseppe Molaro – Ristorante Contaminazioni (Somma Vesuviana,
Bombette al Rum Zacapa di Fabio Longhin
1 December 2022
Dinner Chef Marco Amasi e Accademia Gualtiero Marchesi – Ristorante Teatro alla Scala ‘L Fouie
Cannoncini al Rum Zacapa di Fabio Longhin
15 December 2022
Dinner Chef Antonio Guida – Ristorante Seta del Mandarin Oriental (Milano)
Zeppole mignon al Rum Zacapa di Fabio Longhin
Data in via di definizione
Dinner Chef Davide Oldani – Ristorante D’O (Cornaredo, Milano)

3/4 October 2022 in New York


See the complete menu and the Photogallery of the event.

Cacio & Pepe Food Sounds Ritual

Tastings for the 5 senses

Immersive experiences that activate the five senses to fully experience a tasting.
Those who try a Cacio & Pepe Sounds Ritual smell, eat, drink and dream, with eyes open certainly, but in such a vibrant way that it is as if they penetrate and feel every little vibration of the world.
The Sounds Rituals revolve around a dish, a drink, a pastry, a place on Earth and through the stimulation of the senses, they excite the thoughts, memories and breath that mark our existence.