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Cacio & Pepe Day 2022

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Cacio & Pepe Day
Milan – New York

Cacio & Pepe Days are culinary and convivial events and experiences that focus on the person through a shared passion for the art of cooking, mixology, flavors and aromas, and good food.

Association Antoine Alléno


Cacio & Pepe Day

Cacio & Pepe Days are a real tasting oportunity, unique of its kind, based on the desire to taste life across all our senses, in combination with our hearts and minds: an almost sensual and profound experience of life in it totality.

Cacio & Pepe Days are accompanied by the multisensory Cacio & Pepe Sounds Ritual experiences, with four variations: Food with fine food; Mixology with cocktails and drinks; Crunch Crumble Sounds with the taste of bread, pastries and the sounds that have accompanied us since our childhood; Lifestyle with the scents of nature and the environment.

November 14th 2022 in Milan at 10.00 am

Milan Triennale

Cacio & Pepe Day Symposium
presented by Pierluigi Pardo

+ Cacio & Pepe Sounds Ritual curated by Charles Spence (University of Oxford – Gastrophysics – Nobel Prize)
Carlo di Cristo (University of Sannio – Biology)
Antonella Bondi (Olfactory Design and Food Innovation)


Photo Gallery

Credits Giacomo Bretzel, Ph. Mila Surguci

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See the complete calendar of all 18 itinerant dinners and cooking classes, with the best masters of Italian cuisine in exclusive locations We recommend booking well in advance given the small capacity of the locations and the high level of interest

3/4 October 2022 in New York


See the complete menu and the Photogallery of the event.

Cacio & Pepe Food Sounds Ritual

Tastings for the 5 senses

Immersive experiences that activate the five senses to fully experience a tasting.
Those who try a Cacio & Pepe Sounds Ritual smell, eat, drink and dream, with eyes open certainly, but in such a vibrant way that it is as if they penetrate and feel every little vibration of the world.
The Sounds Rituals revolve around a dish, a drink, a pastry, a place on Earth and through the stimulation of the senses, they excite the thoughts, memories and breath that mark our existence.

Cacio & Pepe Food Sounds Ritual @ Home

Cacio & Pepe Sounds Rituals can be reproduced at home at any time, through our kits for sale to make your meal with friends convivial and joyful or light up a romantic evening.


We look at

The recipes pass on to the present the ancient knowledge that reveals itself timeless. The industrious hands of the past are the hands of today that recreate an atmosphere that is not lost: it is a thread that does not break but is enriched with experience.

We beviele in

Three ingredients, a world that opens up. Simple doesn’t mean easy. It requires care, study, love. It’s the most precious result of the mind and the industriousness of the hands that are offered with the heart. Less is more.
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We want to
pass on.

Revealing the origins, the hidden stories, the tricks of the trade makes tangible the link between the raw material, the creative fantasy and the daily life of which the meal is the basis. And it grants the possibility of that transmission that is at the origin of tradition and refers to the memory of the world from which we come or the world in which we immerse ourselves.

We care about
the side dish.

We taste a dish with the taste and even before we get its scent. But it’s the view that leads us as a guide. We look not only at the food and the dishes, but the table, the cutlery, the environment that welcomes us. Unexpectedly the hearing accompanies us: a music, the shouting of the diners, the sounds from the window. Everything contributes to the experience of the table, nothing must be forgotten, nothing left out.

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“Form is substance

If the shapes of pasta can be equal in substance, on the sensory level do not produce the same result.

Try to season different types of pasta in the same way, for example with butter and cheese (the “classic” seasoning of each pasta, from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century) and try to taste.

A forkful of spaghetti will not taste exactly like a fork of macaroni, or fusilli, or noodles.
The shape produces different flavors.

Here is the brilliant experiment of Gualtiero Marchesi, the master of contemporary Italian haute cuisine, who proposed in the same dish four different shapes of pasta, all dressed in the same way (in his case, with only extra virgin olive oil).
The experiment was to demonstrate the diversity of the four sensations.
I have always thought that this recipe of Marchesi is the sensitive demonstration of a philosophical concept: the form is substance.

Experiment of Master Gualtiero Marchesi conducted by Prof. Massimo Montanari

in collaboration with