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Cacio & Pepe Day

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Cacio and Pepe Day

Cacio & Pepe Day is a culinary and social event that focuses on the person through the shared passion for the art of cooking and which is perpetuated through the Cacio & Pepe Society , an experiential project for the entire community of enthusiasts whose mission is to keep faith with this manifesto


Let's look at tradition.

The recipes hand down to the present time timeless ancient knowledge. The industrious hands of the past are the hands of today that recreate an atmosphere which, in this way, is not lost: it is an unbroken thread enriched with experience.

We believe in simplicity.

Three ingredients, a whole world revealed. Simple does not always mean easy. It needs care, study, love, thought. It is the most precious fruit of the mind combined with hard work and offered with the passion. Less is more
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We wish to pass on the knowledge and skills

Revealing its origins, the hidden stories, the professional skills, renders tangible the link between raw materials, creative imagination and the daily life which meals measure out. And it makes possible that transmission which is at the origin of tradition; evoking the world we come from or the world in which we immerse ourselves.

Let us not forget theambience

We experience a dish with our sense of taste and even before that, its aroma. But above all we taste with our eyes. We don’t just look at the food and the way it is plated , but at the table, the tableware, the surroundings, everything that makes for a welcoming environment

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“Form is substance

Different shapes of pasta, although the same in substance, do not produce the same result on a sensory level. Let’s try adding the same sauce to different types of pasta, for example butter and cheese (the “classic” sauce for pasta, from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century) and then try tasting. A forkful of spaghetti will not have the same taste as a forkful of macaroni, or fusilli, or tagliatelle. The shape produces different flavors. This is the brilliant experiment of Gualtiero Marchesi, master of contemporary Italian haute cuisine, who proposed four different pasta shapes in the same dish, all seasoned in the same way (in his case, with only extra virgin olive oil). The experiment served to demonstrate the diversity of the four sensations.
I have always thought that this Marchesi recipe is the tangible demonstration of a philosophical concept: form is substance.

Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi’s experiment by Prof. Massimo Montanari