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We seek sustainability.

The ingredients come from a unique place that gives them special characteristics. Places, shapes, flavors, smells, times and customs need to be preserved. The method of preparation can be cut to the essential, movements reduced to a minimum, waste eliminated.

The value of sustainability

Cacio & Pepe Day was born in 2021 from a desire to create a unique and international experience of traditional Italian culture and to spread the value of food as pleasure, enrichment, a source of conscious nutrition.
Enhancing the  value of simple but precious ingredients,  Cacio & Pepe Day pays homage to an ancient culinary tradition that has always been able to renew itself and that has made the sustainability of its production chain a cornerstone.

Starting from this premise, the first event, held on 20 and 21 November 2021 in Italy and Japan, brought together great international chefs and famous brands united by the same vision, based on the concepts of exalting simplicity, the value of food “to feel good, feel well “, cooking as a gesture of love for ourselves and for others and for the sustainability of our origins.